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Michel Camilo: Essence

Resilience Music Alliance

For his landmark 25th album as a leader, iconic pianist, composer and bandleader Michel Camilo wanted to do something truly special. That’s saying something, given that every release by the GRAMMY®, Latin GRAMMY®, and Emmy-winning Camilo is an event.

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Ranky Tanky: Good Time

Resilience Music Alliance (release 12.07.2019)

Additional Chart achievements in Billboard for Ranky Tanky this week!

Contemporary Jazz: #1! -  Jazz: #2 (behind Michael Buble) -  Gospel Album Sales: #5 -  Gospel: #16 -

Heatseekers: #25  - Heatseekers east: #3    Video

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Julian Lage

Love Hurts 

Mack Avenue Records  

As one of the most prodigious guitarists of his generation, Lage has long displayed an ability to explore a wide range of sounds, ideas and genres.

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Alfredo Rodriguez & Pedrito Martinez


Mack Avenue Records Release Date 02/01/2019

The rich musical history of Cuba is finally being exposed to a wider audience, which has always been a hope for many upcoming artists.


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Cyrille Aimée

Move On: A Sondheim Adventure

Mack Avenue Records Release Date 02/22/2019

She approaches each piece on the album in a wholly novel and personal way reflecting her eclectic influences.

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Yelena Eckemoff


Yelena Eckemoff: piano & compositions, Manu Katche: drums

L & H Prouctions, Inakustik  Release Date 02/22/2019   


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Chuco Valdes

Jazz Batá 2

Mack Avenue Records, Inakustik, LC: 37061      release date: 16.11.2018

Composer, pianist and bandleader Chucho Valdés’ first album for Mack Avenue Records, marks a new peak of creativity for the artist, even as it revisits the small-group concept of his 1972 Cuban album Jazz Batá.

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Christian McBride

Christian McBride’s New Jawn

Christian McBride: double bass, Marcus Strickland: sax, Nasheet Waits: drums, Josh Evans: trumpet

Mack Avenue Records, Inakustik, LC: 37061

On the band’s eponymous debut, these four stellar musicians ably walk the razor’s edge between thrilling virtuosity and gut-punch instinctiveness.

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Cecile McLorin Salvant

The Window

Mack Avenue Records, Vertrieb Inakustik, LC: 37061, release 28.09.2018

The Window’, an album of duets with the pianist Sullivan Fortner, explores and extends the tradition of the piano-vocal duo and its expressive possibilities. With just Fortner’s deft accompaniment to support McLorin Salvant, the two are free to improvise, to play freely with time, harmony, melody and phrasing.

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Christian Sands

Facing Dragons

Mack Avenue Records, Inakustik, LC: 37061

In the last few years he has toured around the world as a bandleader and recently appeared as a sideman on records by Christian McBride and Gregory Porter. Facing Dragons is Sands' return to the recording studio with an indestructible band and an unwavering allegiance to the groove.

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Yelena Eckemoff

Better Than Gold and Silver    2 CD

L&H Production, Vertrieb Inakustik, LC: 57968 VÖ 21.09.2018

Yelena Eckemoff: Piano, Compositions; Kim Mayo: Mezzo Soprano, Tomás Cruz: Tenor, Ralph Alessi: Trumpet, Ben Monder: E Guitar, Christian Howes: Violin, Drew Gress: Double Bass, Joey Baron: Drums

Each disc consists of ten selections, presented in identical order. 1. disc features Eckemoff with the vocalists, 2. disc instrumental versions by the same ensemble, different takes with longer solos.

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Karl Seglem & Christoph Stiefel Group

Hopp (& Smile) / Monsterjazz 2 CD

Challenge Records, Vertrieb Inakustik, LC: 00950, release 07.09.2018

There are two projects in one, only CD 1 is for people who consciously grasp the music, and CD 2 is more for young listeners who unconsciously engage in it out of curiosity.

Erroll Garner


Mack Avenue Records, Vertrieb Inakustik, LC: 37061, release 13.07.2018

Nightconcert (from the Dutch Nachtconcert) is a midnight jazz performance held at The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, one of the premiere concert halls in the world. Recorded on November 7, 1964, it features Garner with his classic trio.   ''A charming yet subversive recording that challenges John Coltrane’s ‘lost’ album as the find of the summer.''    Chris Pearson July 27 2018 The Times

Stanley Clarke Band

The Message

Mack Avenue Records  release 06/29/2018

45 years after his album debut, four-time Grammy® Award-winning bassist Stanley Clarke shows he is still unapproachable on both the electric and acoustic, wielding a vision of fusion and funk, breakbeats and bass-interpreted cello suites.

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Tower Of Power

Soul Side of Town  

Mack Avenue Records   release 06 2018

Tower of Power – the most dynamic and distinctive band of survivors in Soul Music – is roaring into its unprecedented 50th anniversary with a dynamic disc of all new material. A labor of love, definitively titled Soul Side of Town, this package is charged with 14 filler-free songs. Tour autumn 2018!

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Harold López-Nussa

Un Día Cualquiera   06 2018

Mack Avenue Records

Un Día Cualquiera is a forceful statement from a Cuban musician leading his tight-knit Cuban band, recorded in the U.S. (at WGBH Studios in Boston, Mass.), and influenced by music from both countries in ways that transcend narrow notions of “Latin jazz.”

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Playing Favorites   05 2018

Chesky Records  

Featuring songs made immortal by luminaries The Cranberries, Otis Redding, Erykah Badu, Duran Duran, Blind Melon, and even Rick James, among many others, Meiko leaves her own indelible mark on these songs and will have you hearing them as if it were the first time.

Cecile McLorin Salvant

Dreams And Daggers

Mack Avenue 09 2017     Press Material

New York Times Magazine included her recording of “Trolley Song” as one of “25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going,” Vanity Fair featured her in their “Millennials That Are Shaking Up The Jazz World” piece...

                                             JURY PRIZE JAZZ SINGER INTERNATIONAL 2018

VIDEO           spiegel.online

Martial Solal

My One And Only Love - European Jazz Legends Vol. 15

Intuition, Inakustik 03 2018

The two "Sir Jack" improvisations on the theme of this canon included in this live recording alone attest the pianist’s sensitivity, creativity, and prodigious technique. And yes, they, and all the other melodies you thought you knew so well, sparkle with refreshment, too.

Julian Lage

Modern Lore   02 2018

Mack Avenue Records

Julian Lage: guitar, Scott Colley: bass, Kenny Wollesen: drums, vibraphone, Tyler Chester: keyboards (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11), Jesse Harris: maracas (2); Casio (3, 5, 6); acoustic guitar (9)

This time he incorporates the sensibility, if not the outright sound of early rock and roll—a similarly hybrid form driven by rhythm, personality and a passion for the electric guitar.

Alfredo Rodriguez

The Little Dream   02 2018

Mack Avenue Records

Alfredo Rodriguez: Piano, Vocals, Rhodes, Munir Hossn: Guitar, E Bass, Michael Olivera: Drums, Percussion

Over the past decade, Rodríguez has gone from a young local Cuban artist to a globally recognized Grammy®-nominee.

Yelena Eckemoff


L&H Production 02 2018

Yelena Eckemoff: piano, compositions, Paul McCandles: oboe, soprano sax, Engl. horn, bass clarinet, penny flutes, Arild Andersen: double bass, Peter Erskine: drums and percussion

"...There is a calmness to the music that is very evocative of the memories being represented in sound. Highly recommended." -- Keith Black